The Top 3 Ways Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Helps with Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, and Menstrual Pain

The Top 3 Ways Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Helps with Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, and Menstrual Pain

Are you struggling with ovarian cysts? Does the pain make it difficult to work or tend to your daily activities? You are probably searching for something that is effective in treating and reducing the pain. Sometimes the answer lies beyond the pharmaceutical counter.
Many are familiar with the pain relief that CBD can offer to those with acute and chronic health issues. But scientists have discovered ways that CBD and full-spectrum hemp can target the root causes of various conditions, including ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and menstrual cramps.

What is an Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled pockets that form on the ovary and vary greatly in size. Many women struggle with this and while some have no symptoms, others struggle with debilitating pain and other symptoms that make it difficult to live a normal life.

What Are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts?

These are some of the most common symptoms that women with ovarian cysts experience:

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is one of the top reasons why women contact their gynecologist. What may start as bloating and discomfort can lead to more severe pain on one or both sides of the pelvis. Ovarian pain can vary greatly due to the size of the cyst.
Sometimes, ovarian cysts may burst which causes an immediate sharp and severe pain. There is also the possibility of a cyst twisting an ovary and nausea and vomiting may be experienced.

Pain in the Lower Back and Thighs

Some women experience pain in the back and thighs due to ovarian cysts. It is often compared to the ache and heaviness that is experienced during menstruation.

Painful Sex

Sex can put pressure on the cyst causing a sudden sharp pain. This is frustrating for both and your partner may not understand the discomfort that you are experiencing.

Irregular Menstrual Periods

As ovarian cysts grow, they are filled with excess estrogen. This estrogen affects ovulation and may create irregular menstrual periods. Some report missed or late periods, and spotting in between periods.

Tender Breasts

Again, due to excess estrogen, hormonal shifts occur and can cause tender or heavy breasts anytime during the month.

Frequent Urge to Urinate

If the cyst continues to grow it could cause issues with urination due to increased pressure on the bladder.

How are Ovarian Cysts Treated?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned, your doctor may recommend an ultrasound to see if you have a cyst and determine the size. If it’s large enough, surgery may be recommended to remove the cyst. Currently, there are no treatment options for existing cysts other than pain management and surgery.

How CBD Can Help Ovarian Cysts

Scientific research indicates that full-spectrum CBD and cannabinoids can treat ovarian cysts and menstrual cramps by:

Stopping cell proliferation
Preventing cell migration
Inhibiting lesion vascularization (blood vessels)
Inhibiting lesion innervation (nerves)
Blocking the synthesis of inflammatory prostaglandins
Modulating the immune response
Desensitizing nerves that transmit pain
We will concentrate on the top 3 ways that CBD therapy can help ovarian cysts, menstrual pain, and endometriosis.

Cannabinoids Calm the Immune System

A large number of endocannabinoid receptors (CB2) are located in your immune system. Scientists refer to these as ‘macrophages”. When the receptors are excited, they prevent macrophages from releasing inflammatory proteins (cytokines).
People who suffer from ovarian cysts and menstrual cramps become hypersensitized to inflammatory toxins and signals.

What is the Connection Between the Immune System and Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself against infection. Cells from the immune system travel to the injured area to prevent infection. Inflammation in and of itself isn’t bad. Inflammation becomes unhealthy to the body when it becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation causes the cells to attack normal tissue for no reason.
This is where CB2 receptors can help prevent the release of the cytokines, which is why Sweet Leaf Therapy products offer such great anti-inflammatory benefits.

CBD Therapy and Pain Relief

CBD can help decrease pain and feelings of discomfort by desensitizing nerve endings and pain receptors. This can greatly improve the lifestyle for women with chronic ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and menstrual cramps.

CBD Therapy and Anxiety

If you struggle with chronic pain of any kind, then you are most likely familiar with the anxiety that often accompanies chronic pain. Another benefit to CBD is that is has the ability to relieve anxious feelings without getting the “high”.

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD - Contains all the phytochemicals in the plant. Full-spectrum from hemp contains a very small amount of THC content (below 0.3%).
CBD Isolate - CBD is extracted from the plant and all the other ingredients are removed. This leaves a very high level of pure CBD.
While the isolate does boast the highest concentration of CBD, it does not have all the trace chemicals and terpenes that are in the full-spectrum CBD product. When all the phytochemicals are working together, there is a boost to the health benefits of each cannabinoid which may increase the likelihood of seeing relief from symptoms.

Many patients with chronic ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and menstrual cramps have already incorporated CBD products into their personal health care routine. Reading personal stories of how Sweet Leaf Bath ‘N Body clients have gained control over their chronic pain may help you determine if CBD therapy is the right choice for you.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Regardless of whether you incorporate CBD into your health care routine, there are many natural alternative treatments available if a holistic approach is desired. Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants is a great place to start. Other holistic approaches such as acupuncture and the addition of certain herbs and vitamins can also be an effective way to control symptoms. Always talk to your care provider before making any additions to your health care routine.

By calming the immune system, relieving pain, and reducing anxiety, CBD therapy, just may be the key to long-term success in treating your condition.

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